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Sorry I Love You, Bar (2019)

Interactive installation in collaboration with Charlotte GASH. Volkskundemuseum, Vienna

The bar is an installation which we see as a collage and curatorial project. The bar includes visuals, video works, costumes and other artists. 

Öberg and Gash created a bar that was a collage of artists they are inspired by and whom they invited to show works with them. Gash made painted glasses that had text and imagery inspired by female artists, writers, or musicians. Gash also made some vases inspired by Betty Woodman. Öberg created structures to hold the works on, as well as making the wooden rollable bars, one for each to make the G+T's. The video installation, also a collage of inspiring people for Öberg and Gash, was an hour long video work made up of many different videos from youtube. It was projected behind them whilst they worked the bar. This video work was also the soundtrack for the party. Öberg created "Happy Birthday" costumes for them to wear in the bar, that was inspired by the event at the Volkskundemuseum, celebrating 100 years of women being allowed to vote in Austria.  

In this space the visitor can enjoy a drink, meet people and explore art. 

Painted glasses, Charlotte Gash 
Vases , cardboard, Charlotta Gash
Backdrop banner, textile, Charlotta Gash

Video installation, Charlotte Gash

Happy Birthday Costumes, jersey fabric, Charlotta Öberg

Bar on wheels and shelf, wood, Charlotta Öberg

Exhibited Artists
Karolin Brägger - Lamp, shoulderpad, glasses from "a series of props and accessories for shows"  

Luna Ghisetti - Phoenix Egg, 2019, plaster, shellac, ash

Wi-fi the poodle - Maulkorb/Muzzle

Susanna Lundberg - Painting no title inspired by the first hot summer day in Vienna

Freja Goetke and Hilma Bäckström - Stone Lamp

Eva Sommer and Charlotta Öberg - Anus Mirror

Sigrid Mau - Drawings

Text from the Museum:

Vote, Vote, Vote!

Di, 18.06.2019, 19:00

Summer Showing. Die Ausstellung "Sie meinen es politisch!" ist Ausgangspunkt für die Performances, die von den Studierenden des Fachbereichs Performative Kunst entwickelt werden. Sie sind sowohl im Garten als auch in den anderen Räumlichkeiten des Museums zu sehen.

Carola Dertnig und Stefanie Sourial unterstützen die Studierenden.

Eintritt frei

In Kooperation mit der Akademie der bildenden Künste

Im Rahmen der Ausstellung "Sie meinen es politisch!" 100 Jahre Frauenwahlrecht in Österreich


Picture 1
Charlotte Gash behind the bar
Sunglasses by Karolin Brägger

Picture 2

Karolin Bräggers installation

Photo credits: Laura Ettel

Picture 3

Banner and glasses by Charlotte Gash

Photo credit: Charlotte Gash

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