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Charlotta Öberg


Charlotta Öberg (she/her), *1987 is an artist and performer from Sweden based in Vienna, Austria. She is co-organiser of Hotellhänget, a queer/lesbian club that gathers every fifth week in Stockholm. She is currently completing her MA from the Akademie der bildenden Künste under Carola Dertnig in the Performance class. She trained as a pattern maker and seamstress at Stockholms Tillskäraradkademi, and received her qualification as a milliner at Göteborgs Tillskärarakdemi. Her background in political activism inflects on her practice, where she questions power structures and restrictions in society such as norms of behaviour, of being heterosexual, and of being successful and healthy. She explores what feelings these norms create and imagines different ways to handle obstacles and challenge societal restrictions. Her performative approach that includes interactive elements and collaborations stems from her commitment to care and community through the sharing of experiences between people.

Recent exhibitions and performances in Austria in Vienna at: Belvedere 21, Kollektiv Zirkusgasse, Kunstraum Niederoesterreich, Volkskundemuseum; Sweden in Glimåkra at: Svenska Vävstolsmuseet; Göteborg at: 13festivalen, Galleri Monitor; Stockholm at: Detroit Gallery, Konsthall C, Queernick; Vittsjö at: Boalt Barn, Visseltofta at: Skörde- och Hantverksrunda; Thailand in Bangkok at: Galerie Oasis.

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2017— Academy of Fine Arts, Vienna
2017 - 2018, Gerlesborgsskolan Stockholm, Fine Arts
2017 Stockholm University, Postcolonial Perspective on Audiovisual Media and Performance Studies

2012 - 2014, Göteborgs Tillskärarakademi, Miliner
2009 - 2011, Stockholms Tillskärarakademi, Pattern Making and Sewing and DigitalPattern Making


Performance, I Will Last For A Lifestyle by Barbie Yoga Teacher at 13festivalen, Gothenburg (2023)

Performance, I am waiting for me, 13festivalen, Gothenburg (2023)

Performance, I am waiting for me, Belvedere 21, Wien (2022)

Performance, I am waiting for me, Innenhof 2 Benefiz Ukraine, Wien (2022)

Performance, I Will Last For A Lifestyle by Barbie Yoga Teacher at Queernick, Stockholm (2020)

Performance, Barbie Yoga Teacher at Flat concert 2, curated by Barbara Neu and Lena Schwinshandl, Wien (2019)
Performance, Barbie Yoga Teacher at Galleri Helle Knudsen, Stockholm (2018)

Performance, Barbie Yoga Teacher at Teater Tribunalen, theatre off space, Stockholm (2018)

Performance, Barbie Yoga Teacher at Mossutställningar, Stockholm (2018)




GASH N GAS ceramics for Sorry I Love You, Bar, in group exhibition "New Dates – New Bar" at Kollektiv Zirkusgasse, Wien (2023)

Installation Translations, with Phoenixe Nievera exhibited in group exhibition Exchange Rate at Galerie Oasis, Bangkok (2022)

Costume with Lan Rex for their performance, Hyperreality, Wien (2022)

CD, War On Christmas, Booze on Boobs Choir, Wien (2021)

Performance,LOOK AT THIS STUFF ISN‘T IT NEAT? WOULDN‘T YOU THINK THIS COLLECTION‘S COMPLETE?, with Kenneth Constance Loe,  Aquarium of the Sculpture Studios at the Academy of Fine Arts, Wien (2021)

Durational Performance Aiming for being a guest, with Eva Sommer, Shillerplatz (2021)

Collage ,Free on feet part 2 with Hedda Bauer for publication "Ripples" (2020)
Video, Gash and Gas Summer Moderatomsh with Charlotta Gash, Kunstraum Niederösterreich, Wien (2020)

Durational Performance spoilerroom, with Katharina M. Grabner, Rundgang, Academy of Fine Arts, Wien (2020)
Exhibiting Sorry I Love You, Bar, Collage Bar Installation with Charlotta Gash, Volkskundemuseum, Wien (2019)
Exhibiting Banal, Interactive installation with Eva Sommer, Rundgang, Academy of Fine Arts, Wien (2019)


Exhibiting and performing at "New Dates – New Bar" in Kollektiv Zirkusgasse, Wien (2023)

Exhibiting soundpiece In memoria uterus 1987-2020, Rundgang, Academy of Fine Arts, Wien (2022)

Group Exhibition, with In Each Others Company atQUEER COHESION, Detroit Gallery, Stockholm, (2021)

Group Exhibition, The Path, Svenska Vävstolsmuseet, Glimåkra, Sweden (2020)

Group Exhibition, curated by Marika Wachtmeister at Skörde- och Hantverksrunda i Visseltofta 2020 (Visseltofta Harvesting- and crafts round tour) in Boalt Barn, Boalt, Sweden (2020)

Exhibiting Spoon - Me and The Making of Soft Anuses at Labor, group exhibition about sex work and queerness by Tove Pils, Galleri Monitor, Gothenburg (2019)

Exhibiting textile sculpture The Real Softwear 2, Gallery Helle Knudsen, Stockholm (2018)



Performing in Charlotte Gash's Tunnel of Inclusion at Kunsthalle Karlsplatz, Wien (2023)

Performing in Charlotte Gash's Auktion of Gash Station, Neue Kunstverrein for Parallel Editions, Wien (2023)

Performing in, Dynamic Resistance, by Jojo Ahlkvist and Hedda Bauer, Kristianstads Konsthall (2022)

Performing in Video, Breeder or Sucker; The TV Show, by Charlotte GASH, Wien (2022)

Performing in and costume for, Donda, Little Edie Investigates The Musical, by Charlotte Gash, Boalt Logen Theatre, Boalt, Sweden (2021)

Performing in Dynamic Resistance, by Jojo Ahlkvist and Hedda Bauer/Karolyn Braegger, Cabaret Voltaire, Zürich (2021)

Performer in Video, "The Fool" in Jovan Glušica´s video piece The Fool, live streamed in the show

WERISTdICHTER? , ContextCocktail, Wien, online event (2020)

Performing, ”The Cake Roller” in Hedda Bauers, Cakes of Despair, opening-performance Rundgang, Academy of Fine Arts, Wien (2020)

Performing in, Breeder or Sucker; The Play, by Charlotte GASH, Academy of Fine Arts, Wien (2019)

Performing in Carola Dertnig´s Again Audience, at MAK, Wien (2018)

Performing in Mar Fjell´s intervension Point of Constant Departures, at Konstfack, Stockholm (2018)

Performing in Mar Fjell and Petra Hultman's Suggested Stories on Power – Live, Färgfabriken, Stockholm (2018)

Acting in Like Me - Effect by 25th Frame Effect at Teater Tribunalen, Stockholm (2018)

Acting in Like Me - Effect by 25th Frame Effect at Kamraterna, (previous Dramalabbet) Stockholm (2017)


EUNIC artist residency program 2022, hosted by EUNIC and Goethe-Institut Thailand. Bangkok (2022)

Publication,Foundation 2 with In Each Others Company (2022)

Art residence, Foundation 1 of In Each Others Company, Varvsarbetarhuset, Bredäng, Sweden (2020)

Participant, Monzoom Zchool, by Weixin Quek Chong and Kenneth Loe, soft/WALL/studs, under the program ”Beyond Repair”, National Gallery Singapore and Singapore Art Museum, Online event (2020)

Artist exercise program, Circuit Training, by Mar Fjell,  twice a week, ongoing, online

A Call for Care and Connection, participating in an ongoing project in the format of a queer quire by Mar Fjell, Berlin/Online (2019—)
Lecture on hat making and exhibition, Röhsska Museet Göteborg (2013)

Contact Me


+46 73 04 77 270

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