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Performing Stand Up For Cancer on the Steinsaalstage arranged by Studio for Art and Intervention, Kurzbauergasse 9, Wien



Someone told me to think positive when I got cancer so I wrote some stand up about it.


Duration: 22 minutes  



 photo, Wien, 2023 (c) Susie Smid 








 poster, 2024 (c) Steinsaal Stage 





Watch my new showreel here




Performing on the guided tour at my reality is not your reality, Exhibit Studio, Wien


Guided tour with curators Olga Shapovalova and Christian Azzouni and artists.
Performance by by Charlotta
Öberg I am waiting for me. 



Foto (c)  Joanna Pianka

Acting Charlotte Gash in "Studio visit with Charlotte Gash", Kunsthalle Wien

my reality is not your reality, Exhibit Studio, Wien


Performing I am waiting for me on the opening on September 7, 2023.

Performers: me and Agnes Bakucz Canário.


Exhibit studio is pleased to announce the third show of the season 2023 curated and coordinated by Olga Shapovalova and Christian Azzouni.

After significant projects, moments of indulgence, or clubbing all night long, devastation often comes – not only physical, but also emotional (burnout,hangover, etc) and we are being forced to face back the everyday reality that spreads out in front of young artists. It is overlapped with various psychological traumas, and the art market’s constant pressure on the ongoing production of art. This is the time when reality is often questioned because the perception of one's own reality can function independently of the concept of the real. Here the desire to be in another world, in another reality, manifests itself the most strongly.

The participating artists employ various strategies, both subtle and overt. They might engage in obsessive work or purposefully step back to reflect. Some choose solitude, while others seek inspiration in endless parties. They might establish a nurturing environment or push their limits to explore their position in the world. In employing these coping methods, artists confront the complexities of reality, striving to carve out their place within it.

Participating Artists: 

Jakob Braito, Alberto Cappai, Jason Frania, Felix Grühbaum, Natalia Gurova, Reka Horvath, Susanna Maila, Charlotta Öberg, Jennifer Posny, Neslihan Yakut, Jonas Hammerer, Lera Weinrub, Stephan Wiesinger

Exhibit Studio

Schillerplatz 3

1010 Wien

Room OG1

Painting by Jason Frania

"New Dates - New Bar" at Kollektiv Zirkusgasse, Wien

11.05.2023 - 08.06.2023

Exhibiting GASH N GAS ceramics from Sorry I Love You, Bar at Zirkusgasse 38.

Performing I am waiting for me on the closing date at 8 of June. 


********Dear Family, Friends, Colleagues and Sponsors,********


We, Kollektiv Zirkusgasse warmly invites you to the upcoming exhibition “New Dates - New Bar“ on Thursday 11th of May, starting at 17h at Zirkusgasse 38, 1020 Vienna.


The Kollektiv Zirkusgasse is moving in and will be curating the space Zirkusgasse 38 from now on. We are happy to have the opportunity to share the space with artist, collaborators and collectives! 

The concept "New Dates - New Bar" aims to explore homey-vibes, community, and spaces for togetherness. 

The roof is slanted, the blinds are lowered. What is inside, what is outside, is there an in-between? How do we enter? How do we encounter each other? - These questions are the basis for artistic works and performances that will be showcased. 

In addition, the opening will be accompanied by DJ sets and the bar will offer tasty surprises.



11.05. - 08.06.2023

Opening: 11.05.23 | 17:00h

DJ set by anxxxious_t, Isocialbutterflyy and sofolofo



anxxxious_t / Charlotta Öberg / Isocialbutterflyy / Jusun Lee / torte0.0 /Kenneth Constance Loe / sofolofo / Lisa Braid / Mia Csenar / 

Philomena Jobe / Tubi Malcharzik / Valentino Skarwan / Yuwol June C. & Pete Prison IV / 

ZAK zentrum für antidisziplinäre kunst / Zula Tuvshinbat





11.05. | 17:00h

DJ set by Isocialbutterlyy, sofolofo and anxxxious_


18.05. | 17:00h

Reading by Kenneth Constance Loe

Performance by Valentino Skarwan



01.06. | 17:00h

Performance by Yuwol June C. & Pete Prison IV


04.05. | 17:00h

Performance by ZAK zentrum für antidisziplinäre kunst


08.06. | 17:00h

Performance by Charlotta Öberg

Performance by Tubi Malcharzik

13 festivalen at Konstepidemin, Gothenburg

05.12.2023 - 07.12.2023

Performing I am waiting for me and Barbie Yoga Teacher - I will last for a lifestyle at 13 festivalen at Konstepidemin in Gothenburg. 

Read more and se list of participators on the facebook event: 



Konstepidemins väg 6

413 14 Göteborg


Ripples Release gathering at Konsthall C

16.12.2023 18.00-21.00

Welcome to our publication Release at Konsthall C in Hökarängen, Sweden.

"In Each Other’s Company är ett försök till intimitet

In Each Other’s Company är en plattform för queera erfarenheter

In Each Other’s Company är obekvämt

In Each Other’s Company är kontakt

In Each Other’s Company is… comp-complex-complext? 

In Each Other’s Company is poetry

In Each Other’s Company is queer 

In Each Other’s Company is something that we need to live with

In Each Other’s Company is relaxing

In Each Other’s Company is stressing 

…and… so… much… more…

Welcome to one of many RIPPLES release gatherings<

In Each Other’s Company (IEOC) started with Mar Fjell and Malin Arnell, continued with Aja Svensson, continued with 11 queers, in each other’s company for 6 days in August 2020, continued with zoom sessions and workshops in 2021, continued with an editorial group and graphic designers - and after a long long time a publication was finally made in 2022. 

Come join us for one of many celebrations; of queer connections, community kitchens, zoom projections

In Each Other’s Company as for now: Jon Ely Xiuming Aagaard Gao, Malin Arnell, Hedda Bauer, Mar Fjell, Eva Karduck, Indra Linderoth, Sal Trouxa Reis, Res, Aja Svensson, Del LaGrace Volcano, Mike Wei, Charlotta Öberg

Publicerat: 9 december 2022"


Info from Konsthall C homepage: 


Read more and se list of participators on the facebook event: 


EUNIC artist residency program in Bangkok

24.09.2022 - 09.10.2022

EUNIC residency program 2022, hosted by Goethe-Institut Thailand.

Exhibition at Galerie Oasis on Friday October 7th. 

Address: 4 Soi Sukhumvit 43, Khlong Tan Nuea, Watthana, B


Performing I am waiting for me at HAii, Belvedere 21, Wien



Summer Showing: Performative Kunst

Akademie der bildenden Künste Wien

Belvedere 21| Sculpture Garden | Blickle Cinema

Performances start: 18:00   | Bar until: 23:00

We happily invite you to HAii at Belvedere 21 / Sculpture Garden and Blickle Cinema.


with: Anna Schall & Hannah Wimmer, Carmen Kalata, Charlotta Öberg, Chica Chicago, Esther Stern & Greta Starl, Friedrich Becke & Nora Köhler & Titus Probst & Marco Mühlhans, Susie Flowers, Garance Gambin, Geumok Oh, Jessica Benedetta Comis, Joël*le McHer, Kenneth Constance Loe, Jupiter Rhea Braun,↑HUBER, Luca Daberto, Luis Javier Murillo Zuñiga & Lens Kühleitner, Marie Sina Celestina David, Miriam Meyer, Negin Rezaie, Özlem Yilmaz, Oberndorfer Paula, Sandra Bayer, Sara Hawy, Sara Liv Hermansson, Seung Yeon Jung, Sunggu Hong, Xéna N.C., Yuwol June C., Yvette Vallarino.











Poster (c) Yuwol June C



Performing for Dynamic Resistance by Jojo Ahlkvist and Hedda Bauer at Kristianstads Konsthall



En av 10 performers i Jojo Ahlkvist och Hedda Bauers Dynamic Resistance.

En platsspecifik version av performanceverket, skapat 2018, där konstnärerna utforskar teman som osynlighet, inkluderande underhållning och exklusivt deltagande. Kostymerna som bärs av konstnärerna är gjorda för att spegla den plats och rum de refererar till, i det här fallet Kristianstad och utställningen i konsthallen. Det framförda performanceverket visar olika sätt att utföra makt, eller bristen på nämnda, i ett offentligt rum. Dränkta i små klockor rör sig kropparna genom utrymmet oupptäckta eller inte. 

Text hämtad från Kristianstads Konsthalls hemsida

See Documentation of the performance

Performing for Dynamic Resistance by Jojo Ahlkvist and Hedda Bauer invited by Karolin Braegger at «Laube zur schiefen Lage» Das Cabaret Voltaire on Münsterhof, Zürich


A collaboration between Cabaret Voltaire and Benedikt Bock. Invited artists and authors: Johan Ahlkvist & Hedda Bauer, Karolin Braegger, Anne Fellner, Kasia Fudakowski, Marius Goldhorn, Johanna Kotlaris, Miriam Stoney, Claudia Stöckli & Raphael Stucky


The installation «Laube zur schiefen Lage» will be on display in the Münsterhof from 27 August to 4 September. All works and traces by the participants can be seen daily between 17:00 and 22:00.

No registration necessary.


Somewhat out of place at Münsterhof stands the «Laube zur schiefen Lage» – a cobbled-together art object that serves both as an exhibition space and a stage. It is located in the immediate vicinity of the Zunfthaus zur Waag, in whose large hall the first Dada soirée after the closure of Cabaret Voltaire took place on 16 July 1916. At that time, the Dadaists explained their drawings, recited manifestos or danced in masks. More than 100 years later, Cabaret Voltaire is engaging with the guildhall from a distance with its own stage. For a period of almost two weeks, the «Laube zur schiefen Lage» becomes a public place in the field of tension between anti-bourgeois gestures and bourgeois culture, world reference and world escapism, community and individuality, the small and the big.

The basic framework of the «Laube zur schiefen Lage» is made by the artist Benedikt Bock, who conceived the project together with Cabaret Voltaire. On three evenings (27.08., 28.08. und 04.09.), invited artists, authors and musicians will present short contributions. The result is a colourful mesh of contemporary narratives that reflect directly or subtly, critically or humorously on what it means to be human in these challenging times. Another point of foucus is the reflection on the «contemporary» as a narrow, normative aesthetic practice in contemporary art. The «Laube zur schiefen Lage» especially plays with the genre of «cabaret art», which the Dadaists already referred to by naming their artistic space «cabaret»: the cabaret as a socially critical (left-wing) place that goes beyond entertainment and thereby questions the boundaries of high art. Outside the White Cube, certain debates are shown in a different light and meet a wider audience. «Laube zur schiefen Lage» articulates itself in this shift and allows space for doubt. Art-making is always closely connected with vulnerability and the question of what is communicated and what remains hidden.


On the contributions and tracks of Friday, 27 August:

Amid guild houses and efficient busyness, Karolin Braegger asks what it means to «perform». In her artistic practice, she thinks from the concept of appropriation about what there (still) is to say: be it as a host or with paintings and fabric objects, for example the work Soso (2021) made of toile, a textile that is mostly used for fitting (clothing) or as a possible background (painting) and expresses itself in the arbour during opening hours. As host, Braegger invites positions that represent her interests and expand or extend her work, such as the queer power play Dynamic Resistance by Hedda Bauer and Johan Ahlkvist. In the work, the artists explore themes of invisibility, inclusive entertainment and exclusive participation with the help of performers Hilma Bäckström, Charlotta Öberg, Luca Büchler, Jessica Comis and Alexandra Paya. The costumes, one of which hangs in the «Laube», are designed to reflect the space they relate to, in this case Cabaret Voltaire and Münsterhof.

Organised with Martina Mächler and Anastasia McCammon the artists Karolin Braegger, Hedda Bauer, Johan Ahlkvist and Kasia Fudakowski have already been invited to Cabaret Voltaire as part of «Cracking Up and Staging Down» in April 2021. Due to the pandemic, the performances could not take place at that time.

Text extractions from Cabare Voltaires homepage 


Group Exhibition: Queer Cohesion, part with In Each Others Company, Detroit, Stockholm.


Together with In Each Others Company Recidency, Foundation # 1, I am taking part of a group exhibition QUEER COHESION #1 Collectiveness, curated by Hinni Huttunen & AnnaLeena Prykäri at Detroit, Stockholm. 5 August 2021.

Text from exhibition page:

`Queer Cohesion` is a series of three exhibitions that provides a platform for queer contemporary artists from the Nordic countries. The respective exhibitions carry the following thematics; Collectiveness, Norm-Criticality and Body. Exhibitions are curated by invitations and Open Call. The project `Queer Cohesion` is initiated and curated by artists Hinni Huttunen and AnnaLeena Prykäri. The first exhibition with the theme Collectiveness will be held in November 2020 at gallery Detroit Stockholm. The exhibitions Norm-Criticality and Body will be held during the winter and spring 2021."


The exhibition QUEER COHESION #1 Collectiveness will take place during the summer heat at Detroit Stockholm!

The amazing artists of the exhibition are:

Karin Keisu & Josse Thuresson

Petronella Petander

AnnaLeena Prykäri

Jafar The Superstar

Whose Museum

In Each Other's Company

Mark your calendars and be ready for the vernissage on Thursday 5th of August 2021!




Publication with In Each Others Company



In Each Other´s Company is currently working on the second ”workshop” which will unfold through a publication. Everyone who participated during workshop #1 have been invited to contribute with something – a ripple – to the publication. The work is proceeding through on-line meetings, exercises and our own processes and methods.



Art Residency, Foundation #1 with In Each Others Company


Took part in the first gathering and residency Foundation #1, within the project In Each Others Company.

Foundation #1 was arranged by Malin Arnell, Mar Fjell and Andrea Svensson with the support from / in collaboration with The Swedish Arts Grants Committee, Saari Residency in Finland and Varvsarbetarhuset, Stockholm.

Text about the gathering:



In Each Other’s Company – A puddle for situated and dispersed embodied worlding.

We, Malin Arnell and Mar Fjell, understand In Each Other’s Company (IEOC) to be(come) something in-between a school, an artwork, an entanglements of kin, a punk band, a dance company for sustainable long-term queer engagements.

We feel a strong need for a company – as an unlearning and re-learning puddle – where we as queer identified intersectional feminist critters can intra-actively merge and become-with through new constellations. It is especially urgent in this timespace, when it has become clear that the transnationalist capitalist, anthropocentric and odd-phobic system only melt down the worlds resources, and limits our naturecultural queer potentials.

We imagine our “foundation”, the puddle, in all its muddiness to function as (a new) starting point which engage itself in the buildup of energy and the creation of new fault lines that disrupt, unsettle, and undermine even the most seemingly solid grounds.

Our experience of daily structures of embodied engagements through different task-like proposals, has made us understand our strong need for a sustainable long-term structure of being IEOC. We are developing this experience and IEOC’s becoming with the support from / in collaboration with The Swedish Arts Grants Committee, Saari Residency in Finland and Varvsarbetarhuset, Stockholm.

Projects that has unfolded within this structure are: 6 scores for Entangling Matter and MeaningForest FormationsMapping the Pauses and our curatorship at Konsthall 

Foundation #1 is the first gathering within and through In Each Other’s Company. This workshop took place August 16-21, 2020 in Varvsarbetarhuset in the nature reserv at Sätravik. Altogether we were 11 persons including one chef. For further info read the Open Call.



summershowing poster_haii_final.jpg
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