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Barbie Yoga Teacher (2016-ongoing)

Alter ego.

Barbie Yoga Teacher is Charlotta Öberg ́s alter ego since 2016. 


The work is born out of a desire to handle the hysterical neoliberal self help industry, commercialization and capitalization of the healthcare spectrum. A battle with human depth, human superficiality and human ”natur”ality. 


Welcome to enjoy and reflect on contemporary self and lifestyles.


Your chances counts!

Barbie Yoga Teacher, Portrait series, 2019, in collaboration with Jojo Ahlkvist (make up, styling and photo) and Hedda Bauer (nails) (Photo: (c)Jojo Ahlkvist)


Photo credits: Raffaela Bielesch

Barbie Yoga Teacher performing I will last for a lifestyle at Rundgang 2019, Akademie der bildenden Künste, Wien.


Barbie Yoga Teacher performing "I will last for a lifestyle" at Teater Tribunalen, Stockholm. Video documentation: (c)25th Frame Effect 

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