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Charlotta Öberg (1987)

Charlotta is currently based in Vienna and a student at the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna

Born in Söderhamn, also lived in Göteborg and Stockholm, Sweden.

In her practice she is questioning power structures and restrictions in the society such as norms of behavior, norms of being heterosexual and norms of being successful and healthy. Exploring what feelings this creates and different ways of handle this hinders and how to fight society restrictions by doing. She is interested in what in these structures affects our personal behaviors? What creates them? What comes out of them? Affecting whom? She believes this work requires sharing experiences with others. Therefore she is mostly working interactive or/and in collaboration with other artists and activists

Charlotta has a background in working with human rights in different NGO´s. Her works are mostly performance-based and/or including interactive elements. She also uses her crafting skills from being a trained pattern maker and milliner. 

Charlotta wants to create plattforms for emotional meetings as with her piece Spoon - Me (2017). This piece was created out of a strong desire for a shared softness and tenderness, that she want to create and se more of within our society. Later she exhibited Soft Anus Sinkhole (2018) which took form as a 2*2*2 meter textile sculpture which you could climb up at and sink into a soft hole. Right now she is working on a project called The Making of Soft Anuses and is also engaged in an ongoing collaboration with artist Charlotte Gash making the Sorry I Love You, Bar, and other collaborations with artist Sophie Stadler and with artist Eva Sommer.

Charlottas work, collaborations and participations has been exhibited in Glimåkra: Svenska Vävstolsmuseet, Stockholm at: FISTAHOOD HOUSE, Studio Mossutställningar, Konstfack, Färgfabriken, Stockholms Kulturhus (Stockholm Pride Festival), Kamraterna, Teater Tribunalen, Dramalabbet, Galleri Helle Knudsen, Gerlesborgsskolan, Katteljén ; Vittsjö at: Boalt Spa men resort, värme men gödsel ; Göteborg at: Röhsska Museet, Galleri Monitor ; Vienna at: Akademie der bildenden Künste; Rundgang, Volkskundemuseum, Kunstraum Niederösterreich.


2018 - ongoing

2017 - 2018


2012 - 2014

2009 - 2011


Academy of Fine Arts, Vienna

Gerlesborgsskolan Bohuslän, Fine Arts

Stockholm University, Postcolonial Perspective on Audiovisual Media and Performance Studies

Göteborgs Tillskärarakademi, Milliner

Stockholms Tillskärarakademi, Pattern Making and Sawing and Digital Pattern Making

Stockholm University, Psychology A

Performances and exhibitions


Performing with Barbie Yoga Teacher  at Rundgang, Academy of Fine Arts, Vienna


Performing with Barbie Yoga Teacher at Flat concert 2, curated by Barbara Neu



Sorry I Love You, Bar, Collage Bar Installation with Charlotta Gash, Vote, vote, vote!, Volkskundemuseum, Vienna  


Banal, Interactive installation with Eva Sommer, Rundgang, Academy of Fine Arts, Vienna  



Performing in Carola Dertnigs Again Audience, at MAK


Performing in Mario Fjells intervension Point of Constant Departures, Spring show at Konstfack, Stockholm, Sweden,


Performing in Dynamic Resistance, by Hedda Bauer and Johan Ahlqvist at Rundgang, Academy of Fine Arts, Vienna


Performing in Mario Fjell and Petra Hultman's Suggested Stories on Power – Live,  at Färgfabriken, Stockholm, Sweden,


Actor in Like Me - Effect by "25th Frame Effect" at Teater Tribunalen, Stockholm 


Actor in Like Me (Effect) by "25th Frame Effect" at Kamraterna, Stockholm 

Group exhibitions


Exhibited Spoon - Me and The Making of Soft Anuses at Labor, a group exhibition about sex work and queerness by Tove Pils, Galleri Monitor, Gotheburg


Performing with Barbie Yoga Teacher  at Galleri Helle Knudsen, group exhibition by the exam class of Gerlesborgsskolan 2018, Stockholm.


Exhibiting The Real Softwear 2 at Galleri Helle Knudsen, group exhibition by the exam class of Gerlesborgsskolan 2018, Stockholm.


Swamp View, textiles by me photos in collaboration with photographer Adam Tonér, exhibition at Röhsska Museet, Götebor, group exhibition by the milliner class

Contact Me


+46 73 04 77 270

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