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Artist Statement (2018)

My practice is a toolbox, available for handling different powers that govern our way of life. I use my body, textile and text as material, to find out both how to work against and live with these structures of power. I usually start from something personal, questioning my own lifestyle, which then leads to an investigation on what in these structures of powers affects my personal behavior.

I am very interested in what I am scared of and why. I work with my fears, exploring these feelings, as in my anus projects where I’m discovering how to fight society’s restrictions by doing, while challenging the structures within me that tells me that the anus is  a tabu topic. I am also interested in my fears of being to queer or to sexy and to loud, to much or to pretentious. This a great inspiration in my process.

My work can start with writing, reading or doing. I can use a text or fragments as direction for the process and then embody them in performance or objects. Or I follow a feeling, for example by doing something that makes me feel a bit uncomfortable and research the connection it may have with society and politics. In order to deal with societal structure of powers I want to build platforms for emotional meetings.

I am really pissed off on norms that shrink and hinders our space to be fully us, discriminates or even get humans killed. Norm of being a hero, norm of being abled bodied and fit, norm of being heterosexual, norm of being successful and healthy. I want to investigate what creates this hard plastic surfaces on humans? What can come inside? What desires are underlying and what desires does it create? What comes out of them, affecting whom? In this work I believe very much in sharing experiences with others.

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